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Diet Activities

Training Details:



Workshop for Question Paper Preparation:

The purpose of the workshop is to maintain uniformity in question paper for the students of the district. Lecturers from DIET and Education Inspectors worked as guide in this programmed.


Three sets of papers were prepared by teachers for GAP-6. Meeting with teachers, ADIs, Lecturers was organized at the same time to discuss the monitoring strategy for test. Test was conducted in all selected schools. Answer sheets were checked & mark sheets were prepared..



Research Programs


Action Research :

  • Training programmes seemed to have produced remarkable increase in the knowledge of Gujarati grammar among the teachers.
  • After experimentation, the teachers became aware of the usage of punctuation marks.

Activities to improve & support Community Involvement

Maths and Science Exhibitions :

Under the guidance given by GCERT, Gandhinagar, DIET-TAPI organized several maths and science exhibitions in the entire district. These exhibitions were organized at Primary, Secondary and Higher secondary level and CRC, BRC, S.V.S. and district level.


The main theme for this year's exhibition was “                                                                   ” Secondary themes were as follows.

  • Biodiversity : Conservation and Sustenance 
  • Agriculture and Technology
  • Green Energy
  • Transport and Technology
  • Community Health and Environment :and
  • Matsematical Modelling

Planning Stage Meeting for Maths and Science Exhibitions :

Under the guidance of DIET-Principal, D.E.O. & D.P.E.O., meeting was organized with BRC-CRC Co- ordinators, S.V.S. convener, members of Mathematics and science union and the office bearers of the union. Dates for Maths & Science exhibitions at all levels were fixed after discussing the plans.


Summary of Maths and Science Exhibitions -2017

Level No. of models presented No. of students participated No. of teachers participated Public support received Visitors (students, teachers, public)
District Primary          
District Secondary/Higher Secondary          

Ecology Club :

Eco clubs are established in primary schools to create environmental awareness in students.


Children Fair (Balmela) :

To develop creativity in children (Std. 1 to 4 & 6 to 8) Balmela are organized in each primary school of the district.


Sports Meet (Ramtotsav) :

To understand the importance of sports, physical fitness in day to day life, ramtotsav programs were organized in primary schools.


Adult Education


Advocacy training programme was conducted for PTTI students. Topics Covered in training…

  • Gender education – a new approach
  • HIV, AIDS, Awareness
  • Population education

This was followed by a question-answer session, covering explanations for queries from trainees.


World AIDS Day :

On World AIDS Day, following programmes were arranged for the students & teachers of Primary, Secondary & Higher Secondary Schools & PTC colleges of the district.

  • Organization of a rally.
  • Remedies to protect against HIV/AIDs.
  • Elocution competition.
  • Poster Painting competition.
  • Group discussion
  • Relevant topics were covered therein.

World Literacy day :

To create awareness regarding literacy, lectures were arranged for the students & teachers of Primary, Secondary - Higher Secondary Schools & PTC colleges of the district.


School Adolecence Education Programme :

Principals, trustees, teachers & students of Secondary – Higher Secondary schools were covered under School Adolecence Education Training Programme.



Training Programs for BRC,CRC Regular teachers, untrained teacher, newly recruited teachers, pre-primary school teachers.


Training for Newly Appointed Teachers (HTAT) :

Training was arranged for newly appointed teachers. Following topics were covered by DIET lecturers during the programme.

  • New approaches & methods in education
  • Structure of education.
  • Aptitude based educational evaluation.
  • Yoga and art education.
  • SSA. Mission
  • The concept of CRC
  • How to maintain students records, registers etc.


A one day training session was organized to familiarize the BRC & CRC Co-ordinators of the district with the educational scenario of the district and blocks. Five B.R.C & 59 CRC coordinators attended the training. A comparative position of the Blocks about indicators for GER, NER, Drop-out ratio etc. based on data supplied by DISE was presented. Participants were also given information about the new evaluation system and the outcome of GAP- IV.


Anganwadi Training :

One day training Programme was organized for Anganwadi teachers so that they can understand child psychology.


Educational Guidance & Counseling :

To provide educational Guidance & counseling to high school students of the district, 4 centers have started under the guidance of GCERT.


Counseling will be made after knowing students’ IQ, aptitude & interest.


Centres are...


Science moths and environment exhibition- Schedule

District Level Date
TAPI CRV/SCS Up to end of August
BRC Up to 2nd week of September
Distict Level Up to 3rd week of September